For Dogs

Great Dogs is always updating their shelves with great food, treats and toys! You can find Great Life as well as VeRUS and Annamaet, two more local brands that we've had Great Success with! They are value priced for their exceptional quality and holistic ingredients. Dogs have voted yes by gobbling them down! Come check out our freezer full of raw food, frozen yogurt, bones and treats, too!

  • EVO
    Dry Food

    Grain free, low carb, protein rich food containing the ingredients and nutrient level which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. Provides animals with energy and nutrients derived from meat based proteins and highly digestible fats.

    Available: Dry Food Can Food

  • Plato

    Slow roasted real meat treats with probiotics coating made in the USA.

  • Toys & Accessories

    We offer a super selection of toys, fashionable and functional collars, leashes and harnesses, outerwear, grooming supplies, home cleaners, crates, pens, beds and more!